The European Federation of Associations of Certification Bodies, [EFAC], was founded in 1998 in response to a concern that European certification bodies lacked a focus for the promotion of their collective and individual interests both within Europe and further afield.

The founder members were the trade associations VAZ of Germany, AIOICI and ALPI of Italy and ABCB of the United Kingdom and EFAC was formally registered in the U.K. as a company limited by guarantee in February 2002.


The Federation was granted Association Membership of the International Accreditation Forum, [IAF], in January 2003 and is represented on the IAF Technical and Multilateral Recognition Arrangement, [MLA], Committees.

EFAC is also represented on the following European bodies:

  • European Co-operation for Accreditation Certification Committee, [EACC]
  • EA Advisory Board
  • EA Certification Committee [EACC] Food Committee

In addition, from time to time, individual EFAC members sit on ad-hoc working groups established by IAF and EA to address specific conformity assessment issues.


The objectives of the Federation are to:

  • Promote EFAC within Europe
  • Provide a focus for the formulation of policy, opinions and views in matters of common interest to its members
  • Promote the collective and individual interest of members in all relevant European and international fora


EFAC maintains a full-time Secretariat but individual members are frequently involved in representational activities on behalf of the Federation. Policy and strategy are determined by a Committee of Members which meets on a regular basis.

Membership Categories

EFAC has two categories of membership, Full and Associate. Full Membership is open to European associations of accredited certification bodies and Associate Membership is open to individual European certification bodies who are either accredited or actively seeking accreditation provided that the relevant national association, if any, is not an EFAC member.